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New ways for a new era

Nuevas formas para una nueva era

The degree and pace of innovation. The creativity and daring of modern designs. The challenges posed by today’s urbanism and tomorrow’s climate change. It truly is a new era, requiring new ways of doing engineering and construction. To us, it lives in the powerful juncture of technology and sustainability, to create something special in ways that build a better Earth. What a time to be in this industry.


At RC Group, we provide professional design & construction services:

 Civil Engineering 


Land Development

Civil 3D Site Design

Drone Services

Construction Permits

Environmental Studies

 Water Resources 

Hydrologic & Hydraulic Studies 

Water Distribution Systems

Sanitary Sewer Systems

Stormwater Systems

River Restoration Design

Construction Services 


Project Management
General Contractor Services
Budgeting & Scheduling
Inspection & Supervision

 Green Infrastructure 


Low Impact Stormwater Design

Green Roofs & Permeable Pavements

Renewable Energy (Wind & Solar)

Green Infrastructure