We have an idea

Chances are you’ll hear that from us if we’re given the honor of working on your project, because if there was ever a time for new ideas, it is now. We love the classic and timeless, but we also came of age in this generation, bred in its technology and in the imaginative ways of using it. One we happen to love, for example, is drone tech, for greater precision, lower costs and faster times in field/site tasks previously done by hand. That, we believe, is a significant Why Us behind RC Group.

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Another is sustainability and resilience. Our BioUrbana green infrastructure model is a big part of our offering. So is smarter hydrology to help you better manage and restore water resources, including flood management. The latter is a growing consequence of climate change, which will only get worse from here, so it helps to have a firm by your side that is fully attuned to those risks. Doing a LEED project or otherwise looking for lower emissions and lower costs? We intersect across multiple points.

It is all part of an even bigger idea. How about a built environment that builds a better Earth. If you care about that, as well, we want to be your engineering and construction firm! But even if that’s not something you necessarily have top-of-mind, when you bring us in you can at least have the peace of mind that your project is contributing to the solution and not to the problem. Leave it to us to insert the technology, sustainability and resilience to make that happen.


So who are we?


We are two partners with a combined 35 years of experience working in larger engineering and construction firms, and we came together just last year, in 2018, to form RC Group and build something special. The “R” is for Rafa, short for Rafael, and the “C” is for Coché, Francisco’s nickname. But feel free to assign any two-word combination you like. We like Resilient Construction, one of our deliverables. And Rumbo Común, Spanish for shared path, or shared direction, which is the mission that moves us, of a built environment that contributes to a greater sense of community in this future we share.


We’re in and from Puerto Rico, a U.S. territory in the Caribbean, and we’re licensed in Florida and Texas and have done projects in Central and South America, even in Africa. We’ll go where you take us. Every place on Earth has the same need for a new-generation combination of technology, sustainability and resilience.




A graduate of Villanova, Francisco began his engineering career as a water resources engineer at Greg Morris Engineering in Old San Juan, before moving on to Torres-Rosa where he kept the focus on hydrology and worked on civil design and project management, developing a knack for the innovative and an obsession with quality. His passion and commitment to sustainable construction and engineering led to the launch of his own RC Ingenieros in 2015, where he added the market-leading BioUrbana green infrastructure offering to the firm’s core work on water and civil engineering. More in his LinkedIn profile here.



Rafael has a 18-year career working on large, complex construction projects, having developed a unique system for completing projects on time and on budget, a standard he now brings to RC Group to manage smaller-scale residential and commercial projects and deliver equally outstanding results. After his studies at the University of Puerto Rico, he served as project manager and field engineer at Tamrio, ARC and Constructora Santiago, and worked for such clients as Walmart, Amgen, Mall of San Juan, and various infrastructure projects, before launching construction-recruitment firm One Source Solutions. More in his LinkedIn profile here.



Francisco Rodríguez-Ema

Rafael Pérez-Guzmán