The power of integration


Rafa and Coché came together in RC Group to INTEGRATE Coché’s engineering and Rafa’s construction services into a seamless one, with the on-time, on-budget, high-quality obsession we both share.


On the construction side, the bulk of our work has been with single-family residential and small-and-midsize businesses, everything from project management to complete construction. On the engineering side, while we have a particular expertise in civil site design, water management, and green infrastructure, we work across the board on public and private sector projects.

For greater detail, please see our downloadable PDFs here and here.

 Civil Engineering 


Land Development

Civil 3D Site Design

Drone Services

Construction Permits

Environmental Studies

Galería Urbana, ERERAS Arquitectos, Civil Engineering

Construction Services 


Project Management
General Contractor Services
Budgeting & Scheduling
Inspection & Supervision

 Water Resources 

Hydrologic & Hydraulic Studies 

Water Distribution Systems

Sanitary Sewer Systems

Stormwater Systems

River Restoration Design



Low Impact Stormwater Design

Green Roofs & Permeable Pavements

Renewable Energy (Wind & Solar)

Green Infrastructure

Yabucoa Green Roof, GreenInnovations